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Cavehill Primary School

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It is school policy that all children wear our agreed school uniform. This has a positive effect on behaviour and the child’s self-esteem and we encourage them to take pride in doing so.


The uniform consists of the following items:



School sweatshirt

White polo shirt

Grey skirt/trousers or pinafore

Dark-coloured, ‘sensible’ shoes

Summer Dress - red/white check

White/grey socks

Plain grey tights



School sweatshirt

White polo shirt

Grey trousers

Grey socks

Dark-coloured, ‘sensible’ shoes

Summer - grey cargo shorts




P3-7 children are asked to attend school wearing their PE uniform on the days when they are due to have PE. Class teachers will inform pupils what days that will be and send parents information via Google Classroom. The PE uniform  is as follows:

 On PE days, all P3-7 pupils are to attend school wearing a school sweatshirt, a plain white T -shirt and navy shorts (these do not have to have the school logo embroidered) or plain navy tracksuit bottoms and trainers. These items are widely available at very little cost.


Please note that P1-P2 children are required to wear trainers (preferably with velcro straps) for PE and take off their sweatshirts.



All articles should be marked with the child’s name. Please note that while we do all that we can to ensure that clothing does not go missing and try to locate anything that has been lost, school is not responsible for, nor will we offer to replace any lost item.


Due to Health and Safety concerns it is the policy of the school that no item of jewellery other than a watch and stud earrings will be permitted and children will have to remove any items that do not conform to our policy. All jewellery must be removed for P.E. We appreciate the support of parents regarding this matter.


Please note that children should not bring items of value to school. The school will not take responsibility for loss or damage to any article.


The uniform suppliers for the school are: Signature Works and Sewing Solutions which are local suppliers, and My Clothing Ltd. which only operates online. They are the only suppliers providing our school uniform.

These companies have their own order forms and prices so parents can choose who they wish to order from. Parents may mix and match between the various suppliers.

You can order online from the suppliers using the following links:


Signature Works



Sewing Solutions



My Clothing