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Special Educational Needs (SEN)


We aim to support the learning needs of all our pupils, whether they are exceptionally gifted or whether they have particular academic difficulties. Differentiated work is provided each day, in every class, at all levels of ability. Mrs Doyle is currently our Learning Support Coordinator and is available to discuss any concerns or queries that parents may have regarding Special Educational Needs.  In addition, she is also available to meet with parents during the parental interview sessions that are held by school at set times. 

Personal Learning Plans (PLPs) are designed for those children showing specific needs or areas requiring particular support. These plans offer a sharp focus on the needs of the individuals to ensure that appropriate progress is made. As each child is given the opportunity to experience success, self-esteem and confidence can be developed.

The normal plan for establishing  a PLP is as follows:

    • Mrs Doyle meets with the teachers early in the autumn term to discuss and agree a draft PLP
    • A copy is sent to parents along with an offer to hold a meeting to discuss and ask them to sign and return if they are content
    • Mrs Doyle or the class teacher will consult with the child if age appropriate
    • Mrs Doyle will meet with teachers if the parents have any suggestions that they wish to have considered before finalising the PLP
    • Mrs Doyle is available to meet with parents during the Parent Interview weeks
    • Teachers review the IPLP in February/March and consult with parents at this stage
    • An annual review will be carried out towards the end of the year (P7 pupils in term 1) for Statemented pupils

The Education Authority and its various outreach support units provide additional support and advice. Pupil progress is regularly monitored and parental consultation and home school links are valued as key features of this process.

Pupils’ special educational needs are initially identified by the class teacher as the result of observation or information provided by parents or other agencies. Children may be provided with differentiated work, withdrawn individually or in small groups, or may be helped by specialist outreach support teachers. Parents of children assessed as needing further help are fully involved in the process of referral to those outside agencies who are available to assist the development of individual pupils.


A change in legislation concerning SEN is being implemented across all schools. This reduces the number of stages in the SEN Code of Practice from 5 stages to 3.  More information on these changes can be found as follows:


SEN Changing from 5 stages to 3


Information for parents of statemented pupils.