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Cavehill Primary School

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We have created this section of the website for parents of children starting Cavehill Primary School. By clicking on the link below, you will find additional information about how to help your child settle into P1. It has been put together by past P1 parents to answer questions they had themselves when they started. There are so many things to remember that it can, at times, be quite confusing. We hope some of the information and advice we’ve included here will help you and your child to relax and to enjoy the first few weeks of school.

PTA Parent's Guide to Primary 1

The following survival guide contains some tips on how to get organised so that your child can really enjoy P1.

Survival Guide to P1

You may also find the following reading list helpful as you prepare your child for P1.

Cavehill Primary School Reading List 


Signs of Concussion Information


If you have any tips, hints or suggestions that you think may be helpful, please email: CavehillPTA@gmail.com


We trust that you will enjoy your time here at Cavehill!


The Cavehill PTA Parents Sub-Committee