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Healthy Lunchboxes

At Cavehill Primary School we encourage everyone to eat a healthy break and lunch.

Here are some great ideas for your child's lunchbox. If you would like more help, please click on this link below.


Ten Top Healthy Lunch Box Tips
1. Base the main part of the lunch on starchy foods like bread, cereal, rice, pasta
or potatoes.

2.Get creative with some alternatives to sandwiches, for example, wholemeal
pitta pockets, tortilla wraps or pasta salad.

3. Include some protein such as lean meat, chicken, tuna, ham, cheese, egg or

4. Aim to have at least one fruit or vegetable based food or drink in the lunch box
to count towards your child’s five fruit and vegetable portions a day.

5. Children need to eat regularly to maintain energy levels, so don’t forget to
include a snack. This might include a treat such as a piece of fruit, crackers with cheese, a biscuit, yogurt, samosa, chapatti, a
scone, or fruit bun

6. Add a portion of semi-skimmed milk or other dairy food such as cheese.

7. Fluids are an important part of a child’s diet. Try a variety of different
drinks such as a carton of fruit juice, water, yogurt or milk drink.

8. Try the mini-sized versions of your child’s favourite foods – a healthy
lunch box does not mean giving up all the foods children enjoy.

9. Check out the Guideline Daily Amount (GDAs) information on the front of
many food products and experiment with some different choices. You
can also download our GDA factsheet by going to:

10. Pop a cool pack or a frozen drink in the lunch box to keep it cool and
remember to wash hands before preparing and eating food.