Primary 5




Mr G Bennett - P5B

Click on the link to view a copy of the P5 Curriculum Meeting powerpoint.


This year the children will be focussing on oral and written spelling activities,comprehensions and improving our technique in creative writing through different forms for example, diary extracts,postcard, poetry, writing recipes and the creation of stories.



Each night, the children are to learn their spellings using the 'look copy write check' format, writing them out 3 times.  Pupils should write and sound out their spellings to strengthen their understanding and memory of each word.   

For example: the 'ee' sound may be approached by the children learning 'ee' on the Monday, 'ea' on the Tuesday and 'ie' on the Wednesday.

On a Thursday, the children will learn the entire list for a Friday Test as normal.

Within the classroom their spellings are reinforced through weekly tasks such as wordsearhes, dictionary work and alphabetical order.



During the first term we revise the four rules (division, multiplication, addition and subtraction) and investigate 2D/3D shape and money.  We also explore the Egyptian number system and use number pyramids. 

We are building fluency of pupils multiplication facts so that pupils grow in confidence when saying tables aloud.

During term two we focus on calendar work and clock faces.  We investigate area/perimeter and the children are involved in data handling (graphwork).

In term three we study co-ordinates, decision trees, nets of shapes and long multiplication.


World Around Us

We are studying the Ancient Egyptians and cross curricular links have been made with Maths, English and Artwork.  Pupils have been learning about daily life, pyramids and mummification. 


World Around Us Topics

  • Term 1 Egyptians
  • Term 2 Water and The Human Body
  • Term 3 Environmental Issues

PE and Games

Pupils must bring appropriate games kit on designated days.  Jewellery must be covered or removed.


Pupil of the week 

This is awarded every Thursday in assembly.  Each winner receives a certificate from the principal.


Healthy Eating Certificate

Pupils get a healthy point for each healthy break they bring into class. Healthy breaks include fruit, sandwiches, yoghurts and breads like pancakes etc.





Reading, Reading Diary

Written work -Maths/ English/W.A.U./Research

All homeworks, reading diaries and homework diaries should be signed by the parents.