Primary 4





Mrs K KERR - P4K


Some useful information

Please remember dinner money on a Monday in a labelled envelope.

PE onTuesday. Please remember to have named PE shoes in school on this day.

PE on Thursday. Please remember named kit on this day.

Library on Tuesday. Please ensure that library book is in bag.

If your child is absent please send a note on their first day back.

Children finish at 3pm Monday to Thursday and 2pm on Friday.



Reading (book in the bag) Monday - Thursday

Spellings - Monday - Wednesday and revision on Thursday

Mental maths - Monday - Wednesday and revision on Thursday

3 written homeworks


Musical Instruments

During the first week of term the pupils will be given a Bentley Test.  This is to see if they have musical ability.  Pupils who score highly in this test may be selected by the City of Belfast School of Music staff to play an instrumen


World Around Us topic information

Term 1a Food

The children found our topic on food very enjoyable and informative.

They were looking at different foods from around the World, Tudor food, making cupcakes and observing how food changes over time and much much more!

For many the highlight was the visit to the "Tayto" Factory which was really interesting and informative.

Term 1b Celebrations  

Through this topic the children  discovered more about celebrations around the World.

They researched Diwali and made rangoli patterns and diva lights.

They enjoyed learning about Chinese new year and making money purses and dragons.

Finally we looked at Christmas around the world and long ago, identifying the similarities and differences.

Term 2a World War 2

Look out for the information sheet on this topic in the new year!