Primary 3

Welcome to Primary 3


Ms V O'Gorman- P3O

Mrs K PAUL/Mrs C Hale- P3P/H


Click on the link to view a copy of the P3 Curriculum Meeting powerpoint.



Reading record: Children should write a sentence about their reading each night (Mon - Thur)

Spellings - write out spellings each night. Concentrate on the key sound focus. Challenge yourself to find or spell more words with the sound focus in them.

Mental Maths - Read teacher ideas/suggestions each week to fully understand your child's learning objective.

After Hallowe'en there will also be 2 written homeworks each week (Mon and Wed night).



This term we are working on -

talking and listening activities.

phonic activities.


capital letters, full-stops, questions, position words, alphabetical order.

reading activities.

exploring books and reading for enjoyment.

independent writing about ourselves, the weather, autumn, animals etc. 



This term we are working on -

  • odd and even numbers.
  • number stories up to 20.
  • time - o'clock and half past including adding on and taking away an hour.
  • 2D shape.
  • related mental maths activities.

World around Us

This term our topic is Weather Watchers.

The children will watch, predict and discuss local weather. We will also be keeping a close eye on interesting weather events around the world.

We will be researching weather information on the internet and trying to find some of the answers to the questions posed by the children.

The children will experience a variety of activities including role play, testing properties of materials, investigating how plants absorb water and learning how television forecasts are prepared and produced. 




P3 O P.E. is on Tuesday and Wednesday.

P3 P/H is on Tuesday and Friday.

P.E. shoes are kept in school.

.Please remember children are not to wear jewellery to school. If earrings cannot be taken out then please cover with plasters on these days.


Time on task

It is important that children spend as much time on task as possible.  To help with this parents should ensure that children:

  • Come to school punctually
  • Bring the right equipment (3 sharpened pencils, 1 rubber, 1 sharpener, coloured pencils, glue stick)