Primary 1

Welcome to Primary One!!

In Primary One there are two teachers with two fantastic classroom assistants.






In our classrooms we have so much fun!! We have lots of new and exciting toys to play with alongside interactive lessons for the children. It's an exciting time for discovery and learning.


We would like to welcome our new Primary Ones to Cavehill and hope they settle into school life as soon as possible. 


We would like to thank parents for their ongoing support even in these early days of P1. Parent partnership is a vital aspect of your child's education and is greatly valued.


To encourage independence in these early days we would like to remind parents to leave their children at the Primary One entrance door.This will help the children settle into the daily routines of school life and avoid a traffic jam in the small corridor.


Additional ways to promote independence


- Encourage children to carry their own school bags.

- Practise putting on and taking off clothes e.g.coats/shoes/jumpers.

- Hanging up princesses and cars for self registration.


A Few Reminders...

Homeworks will be sent out on a Monday and collected on a Thursday. Homeworks may include;

- practical activities

- literacy tasks

- numeracy tasks

- P.E. skills


All homework is intended to reinforce class based learning. There will be many opportunities to talk to your child about his or her learning.


Please remember to look at words in wordbooks. These will be added to each week and practise at home is essential.


Throughout the year, many notes will be sent home. Please ensure you check your child's school bag and return any notes as quickly as possible. All notes should be in a sealed envelope (addressed to the teacher).


If you wish to speak to the teacher at any point please write or phone the class teacher to arrange an appointment.


P1 is lots of fun and the children learn through play and activity based projects.  The children love to make things with junk and any items donated are most welcome (please check P1 entrance door for junk sign).


What to bring each day

School bag

Reading folder

P.E. slippers

1 healthy snack for break (No chocolate or fizzy drinks are allowed)



Useful information
Library Day - Every Thursday (after Halloween). Please remember to return books on a Wednesday. 

P.E. days - Every Day (after Halloween)- Children must change into their PE slippers each morning (Sometimes P.E. may be cancelled please check the door - No P.E. today)

Computer Time - Wednesday (after Halloween).

Show and Tell - Fridays (please check P1 notice board after Halloween).

Buddies - Buddies come to visit once a week for paired reading. They also come to play with the children at break and lunch times. We are hoping to have their help during computer time.


Topics this year

-The Building Site

- Animals

- People who help us

- The Farm

- Chinese New Year

- Noahs Ark


These topics may create opportunities for discussion at home and family trips or outings. All of which bring meaning and real life experiences.

 We are always looking for volunteers to come and speak to our class.  Our new topic is the farm and any farmers who could come and speak to the class would be greatly appreciated.  


Outdoor Play

We are currently developing outdoor play in P.1. This will link with our World Around Us topics. It allows us to provide the children with opportunities to develop in all areas of the curriculum by extending the classroom to include outdoors. If you have anything that you think might be useful for this area we would greatly appreciate any donations! (eg kitchen utensils, garden materials/furniture, tyres, torches, measuring tapes, writing materials etc).