We are very thankful to have so many people working together on the Cavehill Primary team to ensure that we deliver high-quality education to our children within a caring environment.


Principal                    Mr S Orr


Vice Principal            Mr G Bennett



P1                  Mrs L Fisher (Head of Foundation Stage)

P1                  Miss L McClelland


P2                  Mrs N Wallace

P2                  Mrs K Nicholl


P3                  Mrs K Paul/Mrs C Hale

P3                  Miss P Grey (Head of Key Stage 1)/Miss C Browne


P4                 Mrs K Kerr/Miss C Browne

P4                 Mrs H McCollam/Mrs N Dawson


P5                Miss M Hylands (Designated Teacher for Child Protection)

P5                Ms V O'Gorman


P6                Mr R Mawhirk

P6                Miss J Cummings


P7                Mr G Bennett (Head of Key Stage 2 and Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection)

P7                Mr N Taylor (Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection)


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator:       Ms P McMullen

Numeracy Support:     Miss P Grey



Classroom Assistants and Lunchtime Supervisors provide essential support for both pupils and teachers and are extremely valued members of staff.


Classroom Assistants

N Patterson

C Henderson

K Vance

G McCalmont

K Harvey

C Gaston

L Ritchie

A Wright

A Moffett

P Boyd

J Esdale

J McCaw

J McWilliams

E Stewart

R McKenna

S McCann


Lunchtime Supervisors

Senior Supervisory Assistant            S McKernan

Supervisory Assistants                     

E Magee

D McKernan

J Nesbitt

J Purvis

S Quinn

L Todd

A Wright

L Ritchie

C Gaston

G McCalmont

A Moffett

S McCann

R McKenna

J Lutton


Thank you to our cleaning staff for helping to ensure that our school remains safe and hygienic.


Cleaning Staff

Building Supervisor           R Leitch    


S McKernan                             

J Nesbitt



Our school office staff ensure that we have all that we need to keep everything operating smoothly.


Secretary     J Orr

Clerical Officer      K Wonnacott